During an emergency, Maguire O’Hara Construction will quickly and efficiently assess structural issues to begin work immediately. We partner with engineers to guarantee the new structure meets current building codes, and work to move you back in as soon as possible.

Maguire O'Hara Construction specializes in insurance restoration work in Oklahoma for:


It’s our mission to prevent your disaster from becoming a catastrophe. We’ll protect your property from further damage by using the highest-quality materials and best practices during reconstruction.

The Maguire O'Hara Construction Process

  • Contact us to start a free estimate.
  • Our experienced team will take a report by phone and on site.
  • We’ll assist you through the insurance claim process to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • We provide a complete scope of work that covers the project from permitting to final cleaning.
  • We come in on time and on budget!

Call for a free estimate

Our experienced team will complete an on-site inspection of the damage and provide an accurate estimate for the total project. Call us at 405-848-3791 or email